Membership Update

Now that Los Cien is growing at a rapid pace by increasing our membership more than we ever have before, we have so much to celebrate! As an organization that cultivates leadership, we honor the legacy of those who blazed a trail to found Los Cien from the beginning. We warmly congratulate and say adios to the founders who created a powerful platform for Latinx leadership from the beginning: Herman J. Hernandez, Sylvia Lemus, Lisa Carreño, and Todd Mendoza. We honor the incredible achievements of our early founders and outgoing board members who are responsible for where Los Cien is today. 

This month we also welcome incoming board members: Lyndsey Burcina, Fernando Carrillo, Kerry Fugett, Dr. Bay Jones, Jeremy Olsan, Chase Overholt, Ramon Meraz, Doris Reyes, and Magali Telles. We are incredibly thrilled that our board is a diverse representation of the brilliant talent that exists in Sonoma County. With a total of 270 members, Los Cien has more than doubled its membership from July of last year to the present moment. Additionally, we are excited to have hired our Youth Ambassador Intern, an Events and Community Engagement Coordinator, and we have created an honorary board position.

Los Cien continues to create meaningful partnerships in our work to streamline the process to bring quality programs to our community. With a focus on meeting the needs of the BIPOC community we will continue to grow and diversify in many ways; especially in preparing our community to be leaders and to assume political offices. We are broadcasting all of our programs and events so that we are more inclusive and accessible and so that we can share information quickly. 

2023, is proving to be an incredibly exciting year that marks the growth of Los Cien and a fantastic time to join us! We are certain about one thing as we move into this new era of Los Cien – we did not get here alone – and there is no way we can continue to do the work that we have accomplished and meet the needs of our membership without all of you who have supported us from day one. As we continue to grow we will be delving deeper into:

Los Cien’s business model

Fee for service

Help bring the community together in different arenas

Los Cien’s opportunity to develop and create leadership programs focused on non-profit governance, commissioners, running for office, educating BIPOC folks on what it takes to be in office, and creating a BIPOC system of support.

We appreciate your investment in our mission and the trust you have helped us build. We look forward to working with you as we envision and create Los Cien’s legacy together. This moment marks only the beginning of many more accomplishments to come, in amplifying cultura and in building leadership, and power!

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