Cesar Chavez Day

Today, on Cesar Chavez Day we honor his beautiful legacy of leadership and advocacy. We honor all of the migrant and immigrant farm workers that have built our country through their labor and contributions to the communities where they live and who continue to do so. On this day, we remember that in the spirit of Cesar Chavez, there is much work to be done as advocates for the needs of farm workers and workers who every day give us so much and yet are in such need of many resources and financial support, especially in times of emergencies.

We recently observed how the flooding in the town of Pajaro impacted families who work hard to cultivate and harvest the fresh vegetables and fruits we consume. It is a critical moment for these families who are overwhelmed by the destruction that has caused so many to lose their homes and personal belongings. We must continue to advocate for shelter, food, and resources for all workers who are in need of help. We must let them know they are not alone and that we are stronger when we organize.

We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community.

Cesar Chavez

Together, with many of our partners and community collaborators, we can truly honor the spirit of Cesar Chavez not just with our words yet also with our actions! We can continue to strengthen the heart of our community—the workers. Through their courage and dedication every day, farm workers brave the cold, the heat, and inclement weather conditions to provide for their families.

On this day, I invite you to join us in supporting Sonoma County non-profits to meet the needs of farm workers and their families. Together we are stronger, together we remember the legacy of Cesar and how important it is to seek prosperity for our whole community.

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