Luncheon Program – April 2023

Intersection of Environmental Justice and Equity

April 21, 2023

Every day people of color, Indigenous and Black folk are leading the way for making a significant impact in the area of environmental justice. This should be no surprise since environmental injustices continue to disproportionately impact communities of color therefore leadership on issues of environmental justice is key to helping our communities to thrive. More than accessibility to resources including clean air and water, environmental justice initiatives create and maintain a healthy environment for all people.

Join us in conversation on April 21 as we learn and engage with known environmental justice leaders and learn about the organizing and civic tools they have used to achieve their goals. These tools range from accessibility to healthy and safe environmental spaces, systems for fighting oppression regulations and policy enforcement, and planning that is inclusive of all audiences. The conversation will explore the history and context of environmental justice, change makers fighting systems of oppression, and the resources available to correct historical wrongs.

We will offer special presentations from:

Danea Martinez, SF State Lecturer and global activist and Omar Ricks will explore the context and framework of environmental justice and how it disproportionately impacts communities of color.

Jose Gonzalez, artist and founder of Latino Outdoors addresses the role access and connection has on building healthy and resilient communities. CJ Mishima, EPA Environmental Justice Coordinator, will share about recent work by the federal agency to drive more resources towards marginalized communities.

Reuben Crowfeather, indigenous activist and artist, will inspire with his experiences and Indigenous philosophies fighting for justice and policy change at Standing Rock. 

We look forward to seeing you at our special program on the intersection of environmental justice and equity.

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