A New Milestone: 300 Members

This month we are excited to report that we have reached 300 members!

Since its founding in 2008, Los Cien has helped to launch hundreds of conversations about the social and economic wellbeing of Sonoma County. Los Cien is committed to elevating these conversations and connecting community members with local political representatives leading from a place of strength. Our community has been a force in helping us to deliver on our mission of amplifying important conversations: whether you have volunteered, donated or have become a member you are the reason we are here celebrating this milestone.

Your generous support has helped us to grow to 300 members and we continue in our commitment to improving the political and economic participation of persons of color. We work to host important community forums that spark collective action to create opportunities for change. We seek to accomplish our mission because since the beginning we have had a vision for strong leadership based in integrity and in celebrating our cultura as persons of color who create the change we need to see in our community.

Thank you so much for your continued support we are now 300 members strong!

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