If the last few years have taught us anything it’s that the concept of “normal” is either non-existent or at the very least, ever changing. We have also learned that the only constant has been the resiliency of Sonoma County, its people, and its institutions in moving forward. Sure, 2020 left a lot of baggage but 2021 is time to Review and Reset and to Act.

Los Cien is Proud and Honored to present a program with 3 prominent and distinguished leaders that will guide a general conversation regarding Status and Proximate future of Sonoma County and its government, health, and economy. A very special Conversation for all of us to learn what each one of us can do to work together in creating a great place for all of our Families. Let us Introduce our very special speakers and panel!

  • Lynda Hopkins – Sonoma County Board of Supervisor Chairwoman
  • Sheba Person-Whitley – Executive Director of Sonoma County’s Economic Development Board (EDB)
  • Barbie Robinson – Director of Sonoma County’s Department of Health Services (DHS)
  • Dr. Sundari Mase – Public Health Division Director for Sonoma County DHS
  • Dr. Urmila Shende – Chief of Vaccine Program, Sonoma County DHS

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