In Sonoma County, the Latinx and other BIPOC residents represent nearly half of the population, with certain cities and regions having higher proportions of communities of color. Local elected leaders make critical decisions that impact justice, opportunity, education, our economy, our workplaces, and our everyday lives. Your vote in our local elections has an impact! Join Los Cien for the Decision Sonoma 2022 Candidate Series. We will ask our future leaders specific questions that reveal how they will create tangible equity-building change in our communities and our County.

Join Los Cien on Thursday, April 28, 2022, at 7:00 PM  during our third debate as we sit down with the Candidates for Sonoma County Sheriff.


  • Eddie Engram 
  • Carl Tennenbaum
  • Dave Edmonds
  • Eliot Enriquez, moderator

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