Matthew Henry

Matthew Henry
Sonoma County Family YMCA

Board member since 2022

Matthew Henry boasts over 20 years of YMCA experience and the grey hairs to prove it. He is currently the CEO of the Sonoma County Family YMCA, a Northern California location known for its beautiful wineries, breathtaking views, and excellent choice in CEOs.

A graduate of Columbia University, Matthew spent four years as a sprinter on the track team while also persuading his professors that he genuinely deserved to be there. He also holds an MA degree in Sport Psychology, which, to this day, has offered minimal assistance in his career.

Matthew’s 17-year-old boy/girl twins, Jonathan and Brianna, constantly remind him of how little he actually knows and his 11-year-old daughter, Mikayla, will occasionally turn down her Billie Eilish music to listen to him. His wife, Andrea, after 22 years of marriage, still patiently awaits the day Matthew remembers to put his socks in the hamper.

Matthew’s most exceptional skills include his ability to establish thriving, member-focused YMCA environments and his unrelenting knack for making his kids roll their eyes.